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- Wynnum Central State School, Queensland

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Students at Wynnum Central State School have been exploriong the environments of Moreton Bay and discovered a treasure trove of biodiversity right on their doorsteps.  

Students found through their investigations of Seagrass and Mangrove habitats in the Bay that these plant communities support a wealth of animals from corals and shrimp to turtles and dugong.

Tootgarook PS, Victoria

In the cooler waters of southern Australia a wide variety of animals live in the waters of Port Phillip Bay. Tootgarook PS students have been investigating what lives on the bottom of the Bay, such as crabs and seastars, as well as finding out what lives in the water such as squid, fish and sharks.  

Also included were a number of birds such as the gannet that dive in the sea to obtain their food.

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