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Woolahra PS NSW

All creatures great and small make up part of the rich tapestry of marine life represented here in pictures from Woolahra SS.

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Victoria Pt PS Qld

With over 4,000 species of fish Australia is truly a mega diverse nation and we should all learn about our local animals and plants as these students from Victoria Pt in Qld have done.

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Umina PS NSW

Animals found along sandy beaches and in the surfare represented here in the drawings from Umina PS in NSW.

Some of our sandy coasts have the highest levels of biodiversity anywhere on the planet - scientists have discovered in some sands over 800 species in less than 10 square metres.

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Tootgarook PS Victoria

In the cooler waters of southern Australia a wide variety of animals live in the waters of Port Phillip Bay. Tootgarook PS students have been investigating what lives on the bottom of the Bay, such as crabs and seastars, as well as finding out what lives in the water such as squid, fish and sharks.

Also included were a number of birds such as the gannet that dive in the sea to obtain their food.

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Sylvania PS NSW

A 3D perspective from Sylvania PS
Grades 5 and 6 students shows us both the diversity of life in a bay in NSW and the different parts of the bayin which they might be found.

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Millaroo SS NSW

Young students at Millaroo have shown us how animals and plants in the sea need homes too, and they find these homes in the special places where there needs for food and shelter are provided - their habitat.

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Manning Gardens PS NSW

Life in the sea involves creatures large and small. The larger animal in the drawings form Manning Gardens are important as they provide food for some of the larger ones, including the humpback whales seen near the waters surface.

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Kurnell PS NSW

Animals and plants need a habitat to survive in. The seahorses found in this illustration depend on suitable plants for their survival. Australia has more than half of the worlds species of seahorses and their relatives.

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Goondi PS Qld

In the warm tropical waters near Goondi, North Queensland animals and plants make their homes around the rich mudflats and seagrass areas.

Animals found locally include the dugong, an animal that is highly threatened in the rest of the world, and that has its greatest chance for survival in Australia's waters.

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Maida Vale PS WA

Maida Vale PS in Western Australia have also investigated their extensive seagrass and other marine plant communities.

That extraordinary fish, the leafy seadragon found in this illustrataion, is unique in the world to southern and western Australia.

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