The theme for the project, "Jewels of the Sea", is designed to conceptualise the unique nature of our Australian marine and coastal environments and their living treasures, a valuable resource that needs to be carefully guarded to ensure it is not lost.The project would have resulted in a major landscape artwork that has been produced by students in schools throughout Australia located on Bondi Beach for future Australians and visitors.

Due to changed circumstances Waverley Council has reversed their support for the Jewels of the Sea Marine Biodiversity Mural at Bondi. MESA is currently seeking alternative locations and welcomes suggestions or advice on a suitable site.

Student from Torquay PS
working on their mural

Schools that have participated in the project are being encouraged to use the artworks created to develop a local marine biodiversity mural. Some examples of where this has occured already include the following:

Get inspired by this great work and discover your own local marine life and make some connections to the sea through the arts

Project Aims

  • to provide an opportunity for the youth of Australia to contribute to a celebration of Australia's unique and diverse marine animals and plants
  • to provide a legacy from Australia's youth for future Australians to enjoy
  • to raise local, regional, national and international awareness of the unique and diverse nature of Australia's marine life and the need to look after it

Part of the mural at Hallet Cove Schoool

Progress Report
The Final Product

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