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  Seaweek 1999    

Celebrate Marine Biodiversity
- Jewels of the Sea

March 21 to 28, 1999

The theme for Seaweek'99 is "Celebrate Marine Biodiversity". As biodiversity is a somewhat abstract concept, we have included the secondary theme of "Jewels of the Sea".

In this way we hope to capture some of the feelings that many of us have about the astounding diversity of marine life that is found in the waters that surround our island continent.

Biodiversity is an excellent theme to bring to the attention of schools and community education groups. This theme will be approached in many ways and Seaweek'99 activities will focus on the meaning of biodiversity and its significance.

Seaweek groups will be involved in developing strategies for exploring and celebrating marine biodiversity at a local regional and national level and working towards improving overall awareness of its importance.

Projects on a local level will involve participants in exploring biodiversity in their 'own backyards' and engaging in activities to promote the conservation and sustainable use of these precious resources, as well as making contributions to broadening our perspective's on biodiversity on a national level.

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