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  Seaweek 1999    

Teacher Resources

The following information has been taken from a Seaweek'99 booklet that was prepared as a guide for teachers who plan to include marine biodiversity themes into their teaching programs. Our emphasis is to provide information, resources and suggested activities. Feel free to print appropriate sections of this material for classroom use.

Written by Harry Breidahl, Jane Breidahl, Mark Rodrigue, Andreas Glanznig and Barbara Jensen.


What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity and genes

Species level diversity

Diversity at the ecosystem level

Biodiversity in the sea

Australian's marine mega-diversity

Value of biodiversity

What can you do?

Marine biodiversity activities

What's in a name?

Etymology in Marine Biology

A quick look at marine life

Resources for Seaweek'99

Search site

Also visit

Marine Biodiversity

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