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Mariculture in South Australia

Yellowtail kingfish


Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) are found around the world in the cool temperate waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans off South Africa, Japan, southern Australia and the United States of America. In Australian waters, Around Australia they are found in southern Queensland around the southern coast to near Perth in Western Australia. They also occur off the east coast of Tasmania and around Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands.

A very similar fish is found off the south-western coast of North America. Kingfish are found in waters around offshore reefs and islands, as well as inshore reef systems, large bays and even deep estuaries. They prefer water temperature of at least 18oC.

Yellowtail kingfish


The yellowtail kingfish is carnivorous and feeds on a variety of fish, for example, sardines, anchovies, squid, and crab. They grow to a length of 180 cm and over 60 kg. It is a powerful, ocean-living fish with a bright-yellow tail. The colour varies slightly between individuals, but is usually dark green or blue on the back, shading through metallic blue-green to silver and white or off-white on the belly. A distinct gold or yellowish stripe runs along each side.

Large schools of young kingfish in the 1 to 4 kg range are often found, and school fish of 6 to 12 kg fish are relatively common in some areas, too. Adult yellowtail kingfish are solitary or occur in small groups and can be found near rocky shores, reefs and islands.

Yellowtail kingfish
Image from Coastkeepers website

Yellowtail kingfish reach sexual maturity abetween the ages of 4 to 5 years and around 74 cm in length. Females can producie between 0.5 and 2 million eggs in a a spawn.

The major commercial fishery for yellowtail kingfish is in New South Wales. In Queensland, yellowtail kingfish are taken as bycatch in the snapper handline fishery. They are caught using many methods including surface or subsurface traps and trolling. They are usually marketed as whole, gilled and gutted fish. They are sold on the domestic market in cutlet or fillet form, with better quality fish being sold for sashimi.

Yellowtail kingfish are an important species for recreational anglers, caught from boats by anglers using handlines and rod-and-line, although they are occasionally taken from the shore.

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Yellowtail kingfish


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