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Kelp Forests

5. What can we do to protect our kelp forests?

We can address some of these issues and ensure that our kelp forests remain for both natural and human values by

  • finding out about these special places and helping others to celebrate the diversity of life in our magnificent kelp forests
  • get out and into some of our kelp forest through snorkelling or diving, or by studying the seaweeds that wash up on the beach
  • supporting the creation of Marine National Parks along our coast that allow all creatures the same level of protection as we provide for in our terrestrial National Parks

pick up after you dog
  • get involved in catchment and stream improvement activities such as tree planting or storm water drain stencilling to reduce the flow of nutrients and soil into our waters
  • pick up after you dog to prevent excessive nutrients entering the water
  • helping agencies to map and locate kelp forests
  • assist in efforts to control and monitor introduced marine species, particularly seaweeds


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