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  Victoria's Marine Parks and Sanctuaries    

Education and Interpretation for Victoria's Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries

Where are Victoria's Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries?

Victoria's coastal and marine environments are managed to the state limit at 3 nautical miles. Within this vast area of water scientists recognise 5 distinct bioregions that differ in the species composition that are found in each area.

As one moves from the far west of the state towards the east, physical factors such as water temperature and depth, sediments found on the bottom, and exposure to ocean waves changes markedly and this has given rise to the different bioregions.

Victoria's five bioregions from west to east are:

  • Otway bioregion (Western Victoria - Cape Jaffa in SA to Apollo Bay)
  • Central Victoria bioregion (Cape Otway to west of Wilsons Promontory)
  • Flinders bioregion (entrance to Bass Strait, including Wilsons Promontory to Flinders Island)
  • Twofold Shelf bioregion (Eastern Victoria - east of Wilsons Promontory to Tathra in NSW)
  • Victorian Embayments bioregion (Victoria's bays, inlets & estuaries eg Port Phillip Bay, Western Port, Corner Inlet and the Gippsland Lakes).

Marine National Parks have been established along the coastline within each of the different bioregions. This is to ensure that representative samples of our coastal and marine diversity are fully protected for all time. In addition to the larger Marine National Parks, smaller highly protected Marine Sanctuaries have also been included within the system and established in area with high natural or cultural values. Many of these sites are of local or regional significance for educational, recreational, or aesthetic reasons.

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Physical Factors: Changes that occur along Victoria's coastline include:
Topography: depth, substrata, waves, tides
Water mass: temperature, nutrients, currents
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Victoria's Marine Bioregions
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Marine National Parks & Marine Sanctuaries
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Where are Victoria's Marine National Parks & Marine Sanctuaries?
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