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Marine Theme & Event

Activity Suggestions

Communities Celebrating the Sea

What am I?

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Seaweek Touch Pool - An artificial, temporary rockpool created on the beach

Sea Water Science

What's for Dinner?

Living on the Edge

Turn the Tide (Marine pollution)

People Problems

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Seaweek Ambassador - School Visits

Clean Ocean Clues (crossword)

Line Puzzle (food or rubbish?)

Fish for the Future

Fishy Investigations

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Oceanographer for the Day - Student Field Trip

- 6 activities ideas

Marine Parks Save our Seas

Studying Marine Protected Areas

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Lateral Thinking with Long Term Pay Offs
- Workshop

- 16 activity ideas

Caring for the Coast

Who Cares for our Coast?

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Punk Mermaids - Using drama, music and
dance to interpret the sea.

Look Litter Lasts

Hidden Question

What Wastes Where?

Restore the Balance

Explorer Logs

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Women and the Ocean
- International Women's Day Event

Ocean Intrigue

Jingle Swells

Sea Star Tug-o-War

Littery Messenger

The Wetlands Connection

Wetland Webs of Life

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Taking Seaweek to Rural Schools

Soldier Crab, Eels and Ladders (board game)

Explore the Deep

The Depth Chart

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Taking a Deep Dive into the Dramatic Arts - Ocean

The Weight of Water

  Mural through Story Telling

Chat with a Scientist

Clean Oceans

Connecting with your Catchment

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Filthy Activities - A Canoe Discovery Trip

Effect of Oil on Feathers

Butt Bottles

Marine Biodiversity

Marine Biodiversity Linked to all Key Learning Areas

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Looking After our Bay - Information Brochure

15 activities from eight Key Learning Areas

Seaweek in New Zealand - Treasures of our Coast

Marine Reserves

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There is More to the Sea than we can See - Poetry Book

Fact Find

How Did?

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