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  Seaweek 2001    

Ocean Culture - People and the Sea
11-18 March, 2001

Events Review

Seaweek at The Southport School

The Senior Library at The Southport School, (an all boys school on the Gold Coast) celebrated Seaweek 2001 by putting together a presentation representing this year's theme, Ocean Culture.

We invited Ms Jodi Adams, from Surfrider Foundation to speak to year 11 & 12 students in Marine Studies and Biology classes on various environmental issues. Jodi's family has had a long association with The Southport School.


Lesley Walker

As part of our celebrations of Seaweek, we also organised a raffle in aid of The Indian Earthquake Appeal. We received, as usual, terrific support from a number of companies and we would like to acknowledge the following sponsors:

A Bit Potty Ceramics, Brothers Neilsen, World Surfers, Zumo, Bic Sport Surfboards, Surfrider Foundation, Surfing Lifestyle Expo, Godfathers of The Ocean, Billabong, Hamilton's Laboratories, Quiksilver, and Groundswell Magazine. Our thanks also to the Team members of The Quiksilver Pro and Quiksliver Air Team for the autographed posters.

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