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  Seaweek 2001    

Ocean Culture - People and the Sea
11-18 March, 2001

Seaweek in the ACT

Alex from the Philippines

I went to La Union. It is on the North Coast in the Philippines. I can see mountains from the hotel and I can hear loud noises like people playing ballgames and diving. I can smell food from the hotel like fried chicken and fish. I feel good when I am relaxing at the beach.

I can taste the taste of the sea, it's salty. I can see many people surfing with the big waves and some people are relaxing. I'm swimming here but not far out because I'm not good at swimming. the sea is for holidays, happenings, for fun and for the environment.

See Yah!

Brad from the Philippines

"Cagayan Beach"

Dear Welien,

During our summer vacation, my brother, sister, cousins, mother, grandma, and me went to our province, Cagayan Valley. In our province, there is a clean beautiful blue beach. That is the place where I always go. Sometimes, you can feel hot and sometimes you can also feel cold. You can also feel a strong breeze.

The last time I went there I felt very happy with my family and relatives. I am also watching men riding in a boat and fishing. I can see different families having a picnic, swimming and playing. For me, this beach is the best because this is the first beach I ever been to.

Your Bestfriend,

Amir from Iran

"Caspian Sea"

When I go to the Caspian sea's beach, I can
hear the loud voice of waves that are bruising
themselves on the coast and the people's voices
that are speaking in the sea and the sound of
sea gulls
I can sea people swimming in the sea and big
waves moving toward the beach endlessly.
I can smell sea water and seaweed.
I can taste salty sea water.
I can sea people swimming in the sea but some
people stand on the beach and look at others
swimming and speaking with their friends.
I'm standing in the sea and looking for my
friend, Ali but unintentionally I'm amazed at
the vastness.
The sea is a place full of water that has special
beauty. It looks like a strong man that is very
big. It's very clean and chaste. It's the sign of
greatness, pomp and magnificence.
When I see the sea I feel a nice tranquility. I'm
very happy because I can swim in the sea.


Danijela from Croatia

"The coast"

My home town is Gracac. It is 35km to the coast. I used to go the coast three times a week. I liked to play games and to go swimming. I used to go with my friends and sometimes with my Mum. It is a beautiful sea. The sea makes me feel good and relaxed.

I know the sea has many dangers and that we must be careful.

I see in the sea as something beautiful. The water is blue, the sun is gold and the mountains are a soft blue. I see my friends and other people who are enjoying the sea like me. I see boats and surfers. It is all beautiful. I feel the sun on my face. It is hot and I feel good. Also I hear seagulls crying beautifully.


Seaweek art exhibit at Dickson Library:
stained glass drawing (fish).

Yuan (Jane) from China

"The beach in China"

I have been to the beach in China which is called Bei Dai He. It's in the north of HeiBe. I had a wonderful holiday there

We stayed in a hotel. That was the first time I had been to the beach. The weather on the beach was warm. The sand was white and the sea was blue. Sometimes a few seagulls flew across the sea. I heard the waves I could smell the salty water.
I felt everything was very peaceful. I forgot everything

No more homework. No more school. The sky and the sea were all blue as if the sky was linked to the sea.

After swimming I sat on my chair and I licked my lips and they tasted salty. I collected some beautiful shells .and put some sand on my body. Some people were surfing and some people were just lying on the beach.

In China the sea isn't like in Australia which has lots of dangerous animals under the sea. You can swim anywhere you like in China. I think the sea was fun and I felt comfortable


Joao from Brazil

"The beach in Brazil"

My hometown Vila Velha, is on the coast. It is 5 minutes to the beach. I used to go every weekend. I used to play soccer and I used to meet my friends.

I love the sea because it is a place where I feel good. The sea is big and spacious. It makes me feel free to walk, run or buy something.

I feel like a small boy because the sea is very big.

Seawords: Sea; Big wavy; moving, shaking and rolling; enjoy eating fish; Sea.


Prameswi (Wima) from Indonesia

"Kuta beach"

I would like to introduce you to my favorite beach. Have you ever been to Kuta beach in Bali? It is a very great beach. I would like to tell you about Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach is in Bali. I have been there twice, and I love it. I can see the white sand, blue sea, big waves, many tourists from many countries of the world, the coconut trees and children. I love that. I can hear the sounds of big waves, the wind blowing, children laughing, people talking to each other. I can feel happy, comfortable, and I can feel I want to sleep. I can taste the salty water.

When I was there I just sat and sometimes I went swimming, and enjoyed orange juice and ice cream. But if you there you can surf, swim, sunbake, etc.
Oooohhhhh..........I want to go to Kuta Beach again. It is my favorite beach, I love Kuta Beach.


Loubna from Algeria

"The Beach in Algeria"

My home town is (Gran Rocher). My home is 5 minutes to the beach. I used to go every day.I used to play with my friends.We played with the sand and we studied. The sea to me is something special.

I love to tolk to the sea.I like to tell it my problem

I like the sea at night because I feel at peace and inspired, I can write poems and I can see the moon on the sea. It was very romantic time but sometimes the sea became angry. It would not accept anything and wanted to drown us I went home and Iwaited for the sea when it would be happy to accepte us.


Mei-Rong from China

"The Australian Beach"

I would like to tell you that the most interesting place I went to in Australia was the beach. It took about two hours to get there by car. It was near Sydney. I was staying in a strange house, which looked like a tower that was built just a short distance from the lovely beach. The house had a balcony so I had a good view of the beach. In front of the house there were a few kids busily making some sandcastles in the sand. Some people lay on the deck chairs, which were under huge beach umbrellas. In the distance some funny guys were windsurfing. They wanted girls to pay some attention to them. That was extremely funny.

I did not want to spend all day in the strange house, so I went to the beach. I wandered on the beach without my shoes - that was wonderful! I could feel the soft sand and lovely sunshine. I also felt so comfortable and relaxed. When I went closer to the sea, I trod in the water and some spray splashed on my face and clothes. My clothes soon got wet, but it didn't worry me. I was still very excited. The sea was peaceful and glittering. Everything was very calm except occasionally when I heard children laughing.

The time passed quickly. The two days were very short. I had a beautiful time on the beach. Friends, if you still don't know how to spend your holiday, please listen to me, I suggest you to go to the beach, right now!

Malaxay from Laos

"The coast"

My hometown is Vientiane and my city is Vientiane. My country doesnít have a coast but I have been to Vietnam and Thailand, I used to go there once or twice a year. It is 6-7 hours drive to the Vietnam coast. From the hotel it is 10 minutes drive to the beach. The beach it isn't far from the hotel we stayed. We would go swimming, walking , sunbathing and collecting shells on the beach. We also enjoyed eating fresh seafood, especially prawns, squid and king crabs.

Seaweek art exhibit at Dickson Library:
stained glass drawing (seahorse)

Tharshini from Sri Lanka

"The beach"

My city is Colombo. It is half an hour to the beach. When I go to beach, I play games. I like to swim in the beach and some people play with kites. This is very common in my country.

There are many people swimming in the surf. I go with my friends and I play ball games. In Colombo there are two beaches. When I go to beach I can relax with my friends and we can see the sun shining.

When I lost my ball, my uncle bought another one for me. My uncle also bought an ice cream. Later in the evening we went for a walk. I like to play soccer on the beach with my friends.


Beiji from China

" Shanghai's beach"

My home city is Shanghai. It is on the coast. It is 60 minutes to the beach by car or by bus. The beach is very beautiful. I liked the beach, but I couldn't often go to the beach because I was busy at work. The weather was very good.

I used to go every holidays and play soccer with my friends. I could meet many classmates. Our friendship grew. So every weekend we played computer games and basketball.

In these years, Shanghai's beach was getting better than before. Many shops opened. Most of them were resturants and swim-clothing shops. On the weekend, many people went to the beach. There were many people from different countries also. So Shanghai was getting famous now, and getting more beautiful.


Yon-Ju from South Korea

Dear friends,

Hello! My friends! I'm Yon Ju. Now I'm in Korea. We are having a nice holiday in Jejudo. It's a beautiful quiet place. It's in the Southern part of Korea on a nice Island. I'm now sitting on the beach. I can see in the distance three hills, but one is a sand hill. I can see nearby a woman diver. They are catching fish it looks like fun.

Here the sun is strong now, so I think I look like a nice big loaf of brown bread. I can hear gulls screeching. They want some food, but I can't give them any, ( I'm not a bad person.) because I'm hungry now, really, really hungry... I must eat my food! I can smell, yucky cuttlefish. It's a really yucky smell and I want to eat cuttlefish. I can smell delicious Korean food, called Tacbocgy, but I can't go now. I must finish this letter.

Oh~no! I'm going to turn into a chicken (I don't want that!) I feel so good and fresh, but now I feel like a broiled chicken. I can taste fresh wind and sunscreen, because I ate a little bit. (yuk!)

It's so cool there! People are swimming, touching. I also went to the sand hill, it's a wonderful sand hill, but I couldn't walk there. I think all my country has nice beaches but some are really nice.

This wave is going to be strong and big, so I want to go now

... I like big waves... so... see you soon

~! I hope you have fun too~ and ... bye!


Amir from Iran

It ís great
Looks like the night
It ís beautiful
Looks like the day
Sometimes immense
Sometimes dangerous
It ís full of love
It ís full of life
It ís a nice dream
It ís velvet of God
Diving, swimming
Surfing, fishing
All of these dreams
People go there
Group, Group
They want to see
Enjoy and relax


Seaweek art exhibit at Dickson Library:
stained glass drawing (fish).

Alex from the Philippines

Purple and Black
Swimming, Hiding and Waiting
He lives under the sea

Kill animals
Swimming in the sea
King of the sea

Gray and White
Swimming, Eating and Playing
He lives in the ocean and sea

God's creature
Good animal
Walking in the sand
Shiny skin

Yellow and Red
Swimming, Looking and Hiding
He lives in the sea


Dan from China

Having the bluish-purple colour

Hover in the sea
Very happy

Oving, curving
Like grasslands
Waves rose and fell on the shore
Very majestic


Seaweek art exhibit at Dickson Library:
stained glass drawing (fish).

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