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Sunday 10th - Sunday 17th March

Marine Education Activities Booklet

Designed by the MESA National Council

Copyright 2001 MESA

Diving Deeper and exploring further

Photographer: John Hemmings

Activities may be reproduced for
classroom activities only.

1. 'What's the sea got to do with me?' by Barbara Jensen (NSW)
2. Beach activities by Brooke O'Connor (Vic)
3. Diving deeper - safety sign design by Jody Plecas (Vic)
4. Environment & Expression by Alex Gaut (SA)
5. Crocodile Capers by Roana O'Neill (NT)
6. Design a Marine Park by Roana O'Neill (NT)

7. Leafy Seadragon Marine Education Activities by Tim Hoile (SA)

Download the Marine Education Activities Booklet pdf file (737 K)

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