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  Seaweek 2005 - Save Our Sharks    

Sharks @ School
Sharks are coming to a school near you . LIVE from Reef HQ!

Through the use of Internet and live video streaming technology, 'Sharks @ School' will bring the thrill of discovery into the classroom by taking students and their teachers on an exciting underwater adventure. 'Sharks @ School' will also offer a window into the fascinating areas of knowledge awaiting exploration by those who continue to study the marine environment.

A Reef ED education officer will deliver a 45 minute session about shark ecology, biodiversity and conservation live from the Reef HQ Predator Tank. Information about the SCUBA diving equipment and other technical components used to deliver the live video stream will be given in a brief introduction. This will help students understand the interrelationships between science, technology and innovation.

The live video stream will be supplemented with high quality still images (snapshots), pre-prepared PowerPoint slides and JPEG images. In addition, a CD-ROM recording of this innovative Seaweek event will be made available upon request as an ongoing marine education resource.

Two identical 45 minute sessions will be conducted during Seaweek with each session allowing for a maximum of 200 remote end-viewers to log on. It should be noted that the sessions can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection; however, faster connections will result in a better viewing experience. It is important to realise that the quality of video transmitted over the Internet is inferior to a normal video image, due to bandwidth limitations.

Register now for 'Sharks @ School' You must register by Friday 4th March by providing the information requested on the application. End-viewer instructions, including your username and password, will be sent to you once your registration details have been finalised. For additional information, please contact Lloyd Godson on 0438 240 715 or visit

Sharks @ School Session Times
  Thursday 10/03/05 Friday 11/03/05
Western Australia 11:00-12:.00 9:30-10:30
Northern Territory 12:30-13:30 11:00-12:00
Queensland 13:00-14:00 11:30-12:30
NSW 14:00-15:00 12:30-13:30
Victoria 14:00-15:00 12:30-13:30
ACT 14:00-15:00 12:30-13:30
South Australia 13:30-14:30 12:.00-13:00
Tasmania 14:00-15:00 12:30-13:30

Be one of the first schools to have sharks live in your classroom!


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Save Our Sharks March 6 to 13, 2005