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  Seaweek 2005 - Save Our Sharks    

Sharks @ School . LIVE from Reef HQ!

Fred Nucifora (Education Officer, GBRMPA) with
the dive gear used to deliver
the live underwater images

The Sharks@School live webcast was used as a pilot study to determine any issues that need to be resolved before making it a feature event of future Seaweek activities. Approximately 25 schools and over 1000 students across Australia took part in this exciting and innovative Seaweek trial.

This type of event has great potential to reach a large national audience, giving students from across Australia access to experts who work in the marine field.

Some comments:
Audio and video surprisingly good. I used a data projector to display image on the class whiteboard. Despite this the area of the image was a little small, requiring students to maintain focus on a small space.

The picture was small – maybe the full screen instead of quarters.

Carolina Sarasiti and Lloyd Godson
(E-Go Live) delivering the webcast
live via the Internet


Blacktip reef shark

The presenter spoke in an interesting manner and with a vocab suited to the Yr 5 audience.

Kids found it OK without being spectacular - I think they take technology these days for granted and didn't really think about the intricacies of doing what you did. A number of students have asked when we're doing the next live video stream.

Excellent information. Instructions easy to follow.

The diver

Hard vase coral


After reviewing the feedback the following recommendations are suggested for future large scale webcasts used to deliver live education into classrooms:

  • Shorter and more focused presentations of 20-30 minutes
  • Limiting viewers to those with a broadband Internet connection speed of 128kbps and above
  • Different sessions aimed at various age groups
  • Incorporating an interactive and live chat component into the webcast
  • Making the video available on demand via the web as well as on CD/ DVD

The diver shows a shark egg case
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Save Our Sharks March 6 to 13, 2005