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  Seaweek 2006: Footprints for our Future    
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Six Hat Thinking

Introduce Edward de Bonos’s Six Thinking Hats. Place cut out hats on the floor and group responses as a class.

Take part in the webcasts for Sustainable Biodiversity / Sustainable Recycling - Tuesday March 7th.

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Red Hat
= feelings

What are my feelings about the Great Barrier Reef?

White Hat
= Information

What are some facts we have learned
about the Great Barrier Reef?

Blue Hat
= what thinking is needed

Think of ways to prevent problems developing
in the Great Barrier Reef?

Green Hat
= new ideas

What is possible for us to do as visitors
to the Great Barrier Reef?

Black Hat
= weaknesses

What questions or issues does our learning
about the Great Barrier Reef raise?

Yellow Hat
= strengths

What are the good points we have learned
about the Great Barrier Reef?

Place cut out hats on the floor and group responses as a class.Use the Blue Hat to determine major areas and focus questions for future investigation.

Working on a problem

Ask students to identify problems they think could occur in a particular marine coastal environment. Group those together that relate to caring for the environment, safety, and sharing areas. Generate possible solutions for these problems.

Prepare a chart to record student findings.

Problem Example Solution
Caring for the special environment
eg a local reef
Sharing areas    
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