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  Seaweek 2006: Footprints for our Future    
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Understanding Plastic

Visit the ABC website and discover the answers to the following questions and also the information you will need to complete the suggested simple projects.

Take part in the webcasts for Sustainable Biodiversity / Sustainable Recycling - Tuesday March 7th.

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1) Why have plastic bags become such a problem in Australia?

2) Exactly what are plastic bags made of?

3) What positive results occurred as a result of the ‘Plastic Bag famine”

4) According to the April 2004 Final Report to the Department of Environment and Heritage, “The impacts of degradable plastic bags in Australia”, every year Australia consumes:

……….. billion supermarket or checkout bags, ………..million LDPE (thick plastic) shopping bags,

……….. million sandwich and storage bags, ……….. million freezer bags,

……….. million kitchen tidy bags, ……….. million garbage bags.

5) What is the one big advantage to consumers and to the environment of increasing the amount of plastic bags that are recycled?

6) What are the government targets for increasing the volume of bags recycled by consumers for this year?

7) Produce a report on the “Things we need to know about the alternatives to plastic bags”. Include information about the following alternatives:

- The green bag
- Calico bags
- Biodegradable bags
- Paper bags

8) Create a poster based on ”10 tips on reducing your waste, getting rid of your garbage and recycling your plastic bags”.

9) Count how many plastic bags entered your house this week, then ask your friends and add up the class amount.

10) Take a look at and pick one of the many fantastic recycling and reusing ideas for plastic bags.

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