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  Seaweek 2006: Be BagSmart    

Be Bag Smart

Be Bag Smart -


There are many ways a school community could take an active part and contribute to reducing plastic shopping bags in the wider community. Students and young people at all ages benefit from experiencing how community change takes place and can be leaders in influencing the perceptions and actions of adults. The issue of plastic shopping bags is receiving a lot of radio and TV airtime at present and we see this campaign as a way to raise the community’s interest and commitment to the wider topic of sustainability.

Kids say NO to plastic bags!

How can you and your school get involved?

  1. Register on our website
  2. Download the Bag Smart order form (PDF 86kb)

Bag Smart type activities can be undertaken in a number of different learning environments – here are some thought starters:

  • Student as researchers e.g. conducting surveys and collecting local statistics;
  • Group Activities e.g. plastic bag poetry;
  • Linking to other environmental programs e.g. Waste Wise schools, Earth Wise schools

For more ideas see the Bag Smart 'Choose An Approach' page.

Let's all work together to rid Australia of plastic bags!

Be Bag Smart Be Bag Smart
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