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  Seaweek 2006: Footprints for our Future    
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Activities on the Reef

Discuss different activities that could be undertaken on the Great Barrier Reef by visitors. Have the students come up with some ideas under these headings:

• What is good about these activities?
• How could these activities be bad for the environment? and
• What rules should people follow when doing these activities?

Students and teachers sitting around
a campfire on the beach at night

Reef Activities

Many visitors and tourists undertake a range of activities on and in the waters of the Reef. Some of these activities include:

• Fish Feeding;
• Fishing;
• Whale Watching;
• Snorkelling;
• Visiting Islands;
• Reef Walking;
• Turtle Watching;
• Observing Seabirds; and
• Boating.

Reef activities

Gauge students' feelings and values about the Responsible Practices they investigated by asking them to stand on a continuum. Students who strongly agree should stand at the left of the classroom; students who strongly disagree should stand to the right.

Students can place themselves anywhere on the continuum based on their feelings. Question students about their placement on the continuum.

Mind map
Summarise what you know about the sustainable tourism on the Great Barrier Reef or another marine or coastal area by using a mind map or sketch.

Make a collage of the sustainable tourism activities in uyour area by using images from special websites like the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s website or magazines and books.

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