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  Seaweek 2006: Footprints for our Future    
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Take part in the webcasts for Sustainable Energy use - Tuesday March 7th.

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The environmental audit covers the areas of:
  • Energy efficiency and consumption patterns
  • Materials – waste minimisation methods
  • Water usage and catchment management
The whole school environmental audit provides:
  1. A baseline from which improvements can be measured
  2. A plan of action which will allow schools to improve their environmental practice
  3. Participation from all sectors of the school community
  4. Feedback to those who are involved in the changes

Individual outcomes

  • Identify resources which they use in their daily routines
  • Be more responsible in their use of these resources
  • Use less of these resources
  • Teamwork to conserve these resources
  • Record and interpret data about the use of these resources
  • Write, implement and evaluate a plan to use resources wisely

School-based outcomes

  • Waste less of the resources used
  • More efficient use of energy and water
  • Cash savings that can be applied to environmental education
  • Improved co-operation throughout the school community
  • A valuable database

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