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  Seaweek 2006: Footprints for our Future    
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Getting Involved
Agenda 21 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro

Refer students to Agenda 21 - the agenda for the 21st Century agreed to by governments at the, wherein governments asked for “partnerships” with young people to achieve sustainable living.

Take part in the webcasts for Sustainable Energy use - Tuesday March 7th.

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A suitable junior secondary reference is: Rescue Mission Planet Earth. A children’s edition of Agenda 21, Kingfisher Books, United Kingdom, 1994.

Share copies of the Student Research Sheet for further information and associated activities.
Design a jigsaw identifying the key players in meeting the challenge of conserving and preserving our energy resources.
Publish in school newsletter or community newspaper.

Write to leading agencies in your state about measures being taken to:

• conserve energy supplies
• use alternative energy supplies
• implement appropriate policies
• demonstrate innovative solutions.

Use a PMI (Positive-Minus-Interesting) strategy to evaluate these findings.

Other comments…  

In small groups, suggest known expected or anticipated effects of situations, policies and actions uncovered during the previous activities. State what ought and ought not to be done, what actions you would pursue in a policy maker’s role and any alternatives that should be considered.

As a whole class, share your positions and policies. Select a policy believed to be the most suitable and share it with your community and leading agencies.

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