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Action Projects

Hello Nemo goodbye kelp
Exploring our changing coast
21st & 22nd March, 2009
Eden Marine High School

The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre is hosting a two day conference with the theme exploring our changing coast. Much of it is highly relevant to Seaweek 2009.

Speakers include Professor David Booth, Professor of Marine Ecology, University of Technology, Sydney; Professor Alan Millar, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney; Dr Susan Wijffels, Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research; Professor Ron West, University of Wollongong and many more.

Some of the topics being covered include "The East Australian Current in a Warming World"; "Seaweeds on our shores - what are they, where are they and why are they moving" and "our Coasts - only a snapshot in geological time".

On the Saturday afternoon there are a number of activities including a cruise, snorkeling and tours.

Marine Art and Issues Primary School Poster Challenge

The NSW MESA Branch, as part of Seaweek 2009, is running a poster challenge for Students from K to Year 6 in New South Wales. Details are given below.

Years K-2
Hand drawn sketch (A4 page) of any marine organism - judged on recognisability of organism and its characteristic features

Years 3-4
Digital Artwork (A4 page) of any group of marine organisms or marine environment - judged on originality and artistic appeal

Years 5-6
Poster (A3 page) the effects of climate change on marine organisms and / or the marine environment - judged on visual representation of key issues.

Winner and runner up in each age category will receive a certificate and book prize. Winning entries will be published on the MESA website.

Post hard copies to:
Chris Preston
NSW MESA Council Representative
Faculty of Education and Social Work
Room 541 - Building A35 ]
University of Sydney
NSW 2006
Or email electronic copies to:

Closing date
5pm Friday 13th March 2009.




Download program

Download registration form from






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