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Climate Change and Internet Sites

General climate change information

Commonwealth Department of Climate Change

Bureau of Meteorology

Global Warming: Early warning signs

Impact of climate change on marine environments

Commonwealth Dept of Climate Change report

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Marine and Coastal Community Network

Marine Conservation Society

Emissions Calculators / Energy use Guides

Flying off to a warmer world?

Global warming – cool it!

Greenhouse gas emissions calculator

Teacher-focussed sites

Climate choices – children’s voices

Clean up Australia’ school’s climate kit

WA Dept of Environment and Conservation classroom climate change ideas


Learning for a Sustainable Future
Environment Canada and Global Climate Change
The White House and Climate Change
CNN and Global Change
The United Nations Environmental Programme and Climate Change
The United Nations Environmental Protection Agency and Global Warming
Southern Institute and Global Warming
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Student-focussed sites

Cool Climate Kids’ Club

Cool Kids for a Cool Climate

Planet Patrol – by kids for kids

One Climate

US Environmental Protection Agency climate change kids’ site

Online activities

Various Ages:

Poles apart
An activity to see how melting ice and snow affect sea levels.

Years 4 -7:

Years P-3: (even though we don't have sea otters here)

As a whole class:


Local News

Greens oppose water price rises in territory

Water usage jumps as summer sets in
A green way to leave this life

Of winds and waves


Greenhouse gas emissions up in 2008: Australia *,27574,24900584-29277,00.html
Abrupt climate shifts may move faster than thought: US *
Global warming concerns as China to raise coal output

Japan to monitor greenhouse gases from space
Half of world's population could face climate induced food crisis by 2100 *
Rudd advertising campaign on climate change cost $13.9 million,25197,24883515-601,00.html
Two Google searches ‘produce same CO2 as boiling a kettle'

Carbon Markets and Emission Trading

Emissions trading scheme will ‘raise food prices,,25197,24893575-11949,00.html
Russia suspended from UN carbon trading scheme


Sea absorbing less CO2, scientists discover
Global warming could overheat crops


Small hydropower plants flourishing: China
China unveils oil, gas, coal blueprint,28124,24887918-5005200,00.html
The costly compromises of oil from sand: Canada
Oil drying up as world remains unaware *

A $2 trillion bet on powering America

National Energy Market and Deregulation Reforms

Western Power fails safety check
More power tariff options as new meters introduced ; NZ

Renewable, Green Energy and Sustainability

New Hollands Wins Golds for Energy Independent Farm Concept
NewsID=177 &
machinery-and-equipment/ equipment/debut-nears-for-hydrogenpowered-tractor

Demand for hybrid cars steadily growing, figures show

International Energy Agency ‘blocking global switch to renewables' *
Japan geothermal projects pick up after 20 years: report
Japan races to build a zero-emission car
Motorola unveils phone made from recycled bottles
Renewable energy from slow water currents
Affordable electric car ‘to hit streets in 2012'

Mini-turbines to harness energy from pressure in UK's gas pipelines


Water retailers need a 'cultural change': Melbourne

Melbournians make small dent in water consumption in 2008,21985,24879598-2862,00.html
Shorter showers can save Murray: SA,22606,24881367-2682,00.html
Wonthaggi desalination plant gets Govt approval: Vic
Business and Economy
US steel industry in collapse, eyes government aid: report

Major Companies

Rio chief says its markets in good shape despite crisis *

Santos secures $809 million gas deal: WA,21985,24883065-664,00.html
Alcoa to cut 15,000 jobs, close plants,28124,24883147-36418,00.html
Chinese ore price squeeze on Rio, BHP Billiton,21985,24888867-664,00.html
Chinese bid for Rio's assets





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