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Explore the Impact of Climate Change on Australia’s Marine and Coastal Environment

Sample Unit Sequence and Activity Ideas


TUNING IN: Sample Activities


Shared Book Approach

Read books and surf websites about climate change, carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

For example:

Flannery, T. We Are the Weather Makers, Text Publishing, Melbourne , 2006

Houghton, C. & J. Water, soil and air, Macmillan Australia , 1990

MacRae-Campbell, L. Our troubled skies , Cheltenham , Victoria : Hawker Brownlow Education, 1992

McRae, R. Cry me a river , Angus & Robertson , Australia , 1991

Stille, D. Air pollution , Chicago : Children's Press, 1990. or

Trafford, C. Weather or notů: it's a climate for change , Etram Pty Ltd, 2007.

See References for additional titles.


Australian Government Climate Change Website

Bureau of Meteorology

Climate Change Kids Website

Cool the Globe

Global Warming Youtube Multimedia production on climate change

Impact of Climate Change on Marine Environment

Climate Change, Fisheries and the Marine Environment

Marine Climate Change Impacts

Coastal Environments in a Changing World

Climate Change and Australia 's Coastal Communities

Discuss different types of carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

Ask students:

  • What do we mean by carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions?
  • How many different types of carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions can you think of? (industry sources, point and diffuse sources, natural sources, transport sources, consumer products that might contain carbon etc)
  • What sort of impacts do these emissions have on human health and the environment?

List students' answers.

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