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Explore the Impact of Climate Change on Australia’s Marine and Coastal Environment


SORTING OUT: Sample Activities


Deciding on ‘what' to present and how to do so

Re-state the purposes of the investigation, and ask students to consider how they are going to bring their information together and present it so that the main points come across clearly.

As a class, list the main issues affecting local marine and coastal environments . Decide on ways to present this information.

Note: Coastal and marine environments can be impacted in the following ways – rising sea levels, changing rainfall patterns, decreasing sea ice and melting glaciers, thawing permafrost, increasing cloud cover, sea acidification, global dimming, decreasing evaporation from the earth's surface and changing distribution of plants and animals.

Flow chart

Students draw two different flow charts or posters. The first explains how greenhouse gas emissions from a source (school, home, community, facility) make their way to the environment. A second flow chart or poster could show the impacts of common greenhouse gas emissions emitted from these places and what effects occur in our environment if actions and activities are not undertaken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions being emitted.

Plays, multi-media presentations, reports or brochures

Model the construction of the genres above. Students now use the information they have gathered to construct a piece of work of their choice.

If they have been working in pairs, encourage students to conference each other.

If they are working individually, they can be encouraged to team up with others and to talk about their plans.

Information Chart

When plays, presentations, reports and brochures are finalised, a class retrieval chart could be developed on which to show collected data. This is important as students will begin to see patterns emerging.

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