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Explore the Impact of Climate Change on Australia’s Marine and Coastal Environment





Students design signage or information sheets about ways they can reduce carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions being emitted from school, home or the community or sustainable practices.

Who cares about carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that can be affecting the marine and coastal environment?

Students draw posters which show how different people are concerned about, affected by or involved with the reduction of carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions contributing to changes in the marine and coastal environment.

In this activity students begin to understand that reducing carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and caring for Australia 's marine and coastalenvironment is a joint responsibility.

Concept Mapping

Draw conclusions about what has been learned. Develop concept maps using key words.

Students draw connecting lines between words and indicate how they believe their words relate to each other. From the concept maps, students come up with one statement about greenhouse gas emissions being emitted. Share and prioritise statements.


As a class, consider the consequences of not increasing involvement in, and appreciation of, reducing carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Use a consequence wheel to examine first, second and third order consequences. See Resource 1.

Culture Creation

Examine the ways in which a particular aspect of popular culture (e.g. television program, movie, gadget or fashion item) has been marketed by advertising companies.

Ask students:

•  What is the marketing attempting to do?

•  What is the role of advertising in this process?

•  Who or what benefits from this marketing?

As a class, decide on how best to market sustainable living. The marketing campaign should heighten community awareness and appreciation of the importance of living sustainably and explain what this is.

Decide on how the class could introduce the idea that there are many and varied ways schools and communities can become involved in living sustainably or in raising school and community appreciation for the importance of sustainable living practices.

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