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Exploring Preferred Futures for Marine and Coastal Environments

Sample Unit Sequence and Activity Ideas: Inquiry Learning





Revisit data and research findings
Encourage students to share findings and reflect on what they have learnt so far in the unit.

Blue Hat Thinking
Once students have explored issues using De Bono’s ‘green yellow, black, red and white hats’, ask the whole class to come together and discuss the issue from the perspective of the ‘blue hat’. This hat encourages the students to consider the bigger picture. For example, ‘Can we think of ways to reduce carbon pollution and greenhouse gases being emitted?, What is the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) really all about?’ and ‘ What are the big issues?’.

What’s the link?
Students consider the rights of future generations and discuss what is happening at the present that might mean that the next generation inherits less sustainable environmental management approaches and strategies than those of today. Students also explore what people are doing to make sure the next generation does inherit a sustainable marine and coastal environment.

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