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Seaweek 2009 Gallery - Mangroves

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Grey Mangrove

Flowers on a Grey Mangrove

Enjoying the mangroves

Underside of a mangrove leaf, showing excreted salt

Mangrove leaves have a waxy surface


Mangroves with samphire in the foreground

Mangrove die-back

Industry and mangroves

Red mangroves

Avicennia marina can be up to 100 years old

Different trees live in diiferent parts of the
estuary depending on their salt tolerance

Pneumatophores provide a great surface area for
algal growth which in turn provides food for herbivores

Pneumatophores bind the mud
and provide bank stability

Beadweed Sarcocornia quinqueflora

Large egret Egretta alba

Green back crab Sesarma erythrodactyla

Semaphore crab Heloecious cordifromis

Dusty flathead

Oysters and white tube worms filter feeding
at the mouth of the estuary

Australian pelican Pelecanus conspicillatus
Mangrove images courtesy Kerrie Trees, Adventure Education and Verity Bone, DEH.




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