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Understanding Climate Change



PREPARING TO FIND OUT: Sample activities



During the unit, the students will ask many questions. Talk with the students about the many ways to find the answers including looking, asking and experiencing.

Discuss the people or places that might help them find out the answers to their questions. These may include teacher/librarian, expert, parents, Internet or books.

Discuss some of the questions students have. Collate into a table form then give them time to find out the answers.

During the course of your unit encourage students to add to the table.

Question Grid

What is?

Where/when is?

Which is?

Who is?

Why is?

How is?

What did?

Where/when did?

Which did?

Who did?

Why did?

How did?

What can?

Where/when can?

Which can?

Who Can?

Why can?

How can?

What would?

Where/when could?

Which could?

Who would?

Why would?

How would?

What will?

Where/when will?

Which will?

Who will?

Why will?

How will?

What might?

Where/when might?

Which might?

Who might?

Why might?

How might?

Explain that questions they ask can be answered in different ways. They could be answered by:

  • Asking
  • Looking/observing; or
  • Experiencing.

Make a list of students' comments and questions. For example:

What we know

What we're not sure about

What we want to know





Magic Circle

Place incomplete statements on cards and place them in a box:

•  Climate change is…

•  Reducing climate change, benefits the ……

Students can sit in groups of 5 or 7 and take turns to select a card. Read these and ask students to discuss the statement in groups. Students report back some of the information gained.

(Adapted from Hill, S. Games that work – cooperative Games and Activities for the Primary School Classroom , Eleanor Curtin, 1992).

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