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Understanding Climate Change



Going further: Sample Activities

Do we really need it?

From the various lists and pictures of different types of carbon pollution or greenhouse gas emission sources, ask students to classify those things made by the sources or the sources themselves, which people need and those that people want . There may be discussion and disagreement about what constitutes a need. Ask students to think about those ‘things' they could do without.

Imagine a world without…

Present pairs of students with a hypothetical situation in which a source of air emission no longer exists and alternatives must be found. For example:

Imagine life without electricity.

Imagine life without industry.

Imagine life without heating and cooling tools.

Imagine life without petrol.

Imagine the marine environment without corals, seagrass beds, marine mammals, species of fish, species of molluscs, and species of birds.

Imagine a coastal environment without mangroves, seagrass beds, nudibranchs and echinoderms.

As a class, discuss what would happen in this situation and the alternatives they might use. Compile the ideas into a class book.

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