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Understanding Climate Change



TAKING ACTION: Sample Activities

As a class, suggest how we can make sure people could help reduce carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and make living more sustainable.

Students could:

•  Contribute to a class article for the school newsletter.

•  Prepare a display of models of carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions reduction devices and invite other classes or parents to view the display and ask questions.

•  Speak to other classes about the care of our planet.

•  Present a Marine Eco-assembly. Work in groups to create imaginative ways to get the message of sustainable action across to their local community. Support with advertising campaign to encourage attendance and inform community.

•  Identify or organise school events that can encourage cycling and walking to school.

•  Work with local or regional partners in their sustainable transport activities.

•  Encourage the broader community to shift towards more sustainable transport practices.

•  Identify and reflect on the factors that may influence the choice of transport to school e.g. distance from home to school, how parents travel to work, availability of secure & sheltered parking for bikes, and the safety of walking and cycling routes to school.

•  Prepare letters to family and friends.

•  Invite a knowledgeable people to speak in class.

•  Make a poster to advertise the use of sustainable transport.

•  Create a calendar illustrated with the various ways we can protect marine and coastal environments.

•  Make a poster about things we can do to reduce carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. i.e. encourage cycling and walking to school.

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