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Ideas to investigate, conserve and manage water better in the school

Get started

Find out about schools actively protecting and conserving water

All schools can manage water more sustainably by:

  • Minimising water that is used on site
  • Implementing water conservation techniques and practices
  • Recycling and reusing water on site
  • Controlling water runoff, so as to minimise erosion and the flow of nutrients and pollutants to adjacent areas
  • Enhancing water supplies through the use of stormwater ponds and water tanks
  • Using best practice environmental management practices for potable water supplies, groundwater, stormwater, grey and brown water and environmental flows
  • Integrating water issues into the curriculum
  • Involving the community in actions to minimise impacts on the water cycle.

    Encourage students to read the following case studies for information.

  • See and

Get Involved

Have you ever thought about how your school can:

  • Establish a water-saving policy and goals
  • Establish a water usage monitoring system
  • Minimise leaks through regular maintenance, monitoring and replacement of pipes and fixtures
  • Fix dripping taps and leaks quickly
  • Adjust water pressure in every building appropriately
  • Publicise goals and progress in water conservation activities
  • Encourage the whole school community to review their own practices of water conservation and reduce water use on an individual basis
  • Install a rainwater collection system
  • Install a water recycling system
  • Install 5A rated low-flow taps, showerheads and dishwashers
  • Hand wash dishes wherever possible
  • Install dual flush toilets or composting toilets
  • Install waterless or composting urinals
  • Use tap timers to automatically shut off after a given length of time
  • Landscape with vegetation appropriate to the climate
  • Irrigate early I the morning or late at night to minimise evaporation
  • Water only where it is necessary
  • Mulch gardens to reduce evaporation
  • Never hose to clear leaves or dirt from areas but use a broom instead.



Take Action

Take action by:

  • Establishing a Water Leadership Team at the school
  • Gain the support of your Principal
  • Timetable regular meetings
  • Ensure the team includes teachers, students, the Student Representative Council (SRC), parents, library staff, canteen staff, building and grounds staff and community members (anyone who uses water!)

Raising Awareness

  • Educate your school community about your intentions
  • Place useful water links on your school website
  • Hold ‘Water’ days
  • Design signage with information about how to reduce water consumption
  • Invite guest speakers, hold school expos and demonstrations, create curriculum focus days and promote your achievements in the sustainable use and management of water
  • Use water as a focus in newsletters, assemble presentations, creative activities and competitions
  • Initiate an award program to motivate staff and students to conserve water
  • Report on the achievements made to the Parents Group. School Council and Student Representative Council.

Making a whole school commitment

Schools can make a whole school commitment to use and manage water sustainably by:

  • Auditing how much water is used
  • Obtaining copies of the school’s water bills and identifying consumption over the last couple of years;
  • Locating the school’s water meter(s), reading it in the morning and afternoon (at the same time) each day for a week or two and recording the readings;
  • Checking the condition of the school’s water fixtures;
  • Setting goals and targets that the school aims to work towards;
  • Developing a plan;
  • Implementing, monitoring and reviewing the plan.

Focussing on water in the curriculum and school







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