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Seaweek 2010: Oceans of Life - ours to explore; ours to restore

Out and About in the Ocean Community

Taking Action: Sample Activities

As a class, suggest how we can make sure people look after the ocean.
Students could:

• Contribute to a class article for the school newsletter
• Prepare a display of special places and features in the ocean and invite other classes or parents to view it and ask questions
• Speak to other classes about the use and care of ocean areas
• Write letters to newspaper editors
• Inviting knowledgeable people to speak in class
• Make a poster to advertise the use of ocean areas
• Create a calendar illustrated with ocean environments and/or plants and animals.

Other ideas

  • Turn your classroom into the ocean.
  • Decorate the entire classroom to look like the habitat of an ocean community as much as possible. Don’t forget signs, facilities, special places, as well as the corals, plants and animals. Consider the work and recreational activities undertaken on and in the waters of the ocean.
  • You may like to make up an information sheet about the ocean to tell other classes in your school about it. They may like to visit your ‘ocean’.

Reflection: Sample Activities

Ask students to complete a self-assessment and reflection activity using the following questions:

• What is the most important thing I have learned about the ocean?
• What have I learned about myself and how I might treat ocean environments?
• What would I still like to find out about the ocean?
• What piece of work am I most satisfied with? Why?

Unit Activities - Tuning in
Preparing to find out: Sample activities
Finding Out: Sample Activities
Sorting out: Sample activities
Going further: Sample Activities
Making Connections: Sample Activities
Taking Action: Sample Activities
Reflection: Sample Activities
References: Books & Websites
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