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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science

National Seaweek 2011 Challenge

MESA is pleased to announce the National Seaweek 2011 Challenge for school aged children around Australia. The Challenge will focus on the Seaweek 2011 theme “Spotlight on Marine Science” and will have four separate components.

Important Dates

•  February 2011: announcement of the challenge.
•  March 7 th , 2011: the challenge launched and entries will open during Seaweek.
•  May 20 th , 2011: entries close ( no late entries accepted ).
•  June 8 th , 2011: winners announced on MESA web site on World Oceans Day.

The four National Seaweek 2011 Challenge Components are:

1. Primary School Challenge – Grades prep to 2
2. Primary School Challenge – Grades 3 to 4
3. Primary School Challenge – Grades 5 to 6
4. High School Challenge


Entry Details – Information for Teachers

  • All entries must be original material created by the student(s) being entered.
  • All entries must be submitted by a MESA member.
  • There are limits of either 5 or 3 entries per MESA member (individual or institutional). As a result, teachers are asked to prejudge and select the best entries to submit.
  • Email primary school entries to the MESA secretary at:
  • Email secondary school entries to MESA web manager at:
  • Closing date – 5 pm Friday 20th May 2011. No late entries accepted.
  • All entries are submitted on the condition that winning entries and highly commended entries will be displayed on the MESA web site.

Seaweek 2001 Challenge Questions
Contact the MESA secretary at:

Challenge Application Forms

Download Primary School Application Form
Download High School Application Form

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