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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science

National Seaweek 2011 Challenge 2
Primary School Challenge – Grades 3 to 4

Theme: Australian marine environments (the places where marine scientists work).

Focus: With this theme we are looking for creative representations of any Australian coastal or marine environment that a marine scientist would study (not essential to include the marine scientist). We are posing the question “what does a particular marine environment look like and what lives there?”

For example: rocky shores, deep-sea, open ocean or coral reefs. Information on the Seaweek 2011 section of the MESA web sit should help teachers (and others) provide children with background information on a range of marine environments.

Format: Hand drawn sketch, painting, collage, mixed media or digital artwork (A5 web postcard format – maximum 500kB).

Entry Conditions:

  • A primary school teacher could enter on behalf of an individual grade. This teacher must be a MESA member ($40 per year, if you are not a MESA member you can simply join MESA as part of the Challenge entry process).
  • If more than one teacher per school (e.g. four grade 1 teachers in a school). In this case the school must be an institutional member of MESA ($80 per year, as before, you can simply join MESA as part of the Challenge entry process).
  • Non-school groups (e.g. home school groups) could also enter. The adult submitting the entry must also be a MESA member.
  • Maximum 5 entries per MESA membership (individual or institutional). As a result, teachers are asked to prejudge and select the best 5 artworks to enter.



Judging criteria:

1. 1. Representation of chosen marine environment and portrayal of individual or groups of marine organisms.
2. Visual and artistic appeal.


  • Gould League marine reader prize pack for best three entries.
  • Best three entries plus a selection of highly commended entries will be posted on the MESA Seaweek 2011 web site.
  • Seaweek 2011 certificate for all entries.

Additional Prizes:

There may also be other state based prizes such as class boat cruises and visits to aquariums. Stay tuned to this web site for announcements.

Download Primary School Application Form

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