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  Vic Marine Ed Resource Guide    
Here is a small selection of resources available to schools wishing to incorporate coastal and marine education into their curriculum.

CD Roms

  • Switched on Curriculum Department of Education Victoria Course Advice 2000

Sample programs - Level 2 The Beach (EY), Level 5 You Me & THE Big Blue Sea.(MY)

  • The Dynamic Coast - Processes, Landforms & Human Impacts (LY)
  • Exploring Water Habitats – Major habitats explored around the globe (LY)
  • Geodome Landforms – Coasts, rivers, earthquakes and volcanoes (LY)
  • Oceans (LY)
  • Cities Under the Sea – Coral Reefs (LY)

Video Education Australia Ph: 1800 034 282

Ocean: Origins of Life (MY – LY) An exploration of life's origins under the sea over 500 million years, from the Cambrian to the Cretaceous periods

The Bay (MY – LY)

A role playing game about coastal ecology

CSIRO Publishing Ph: (03) 9662 7666 Email: sales@publish.ciro.au

  • Comprehensive Dissection Works - Perch & crayfish (Can be used as preparation for or an alternative to laboratory dissection)

Southern Biological Services Ph: (03) 9877 4597

  • What's For Dinner, Thank you (EY & MY)

Foodwebs in the Southern Oceans of Antarctica

Dataworks, Australia

  • Fix a Slick – The oil spill clean-up simulation game

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Ph (03) 9685 5742

  • The Water Cycle

Barwon Water 1997 Distributed to every primary school in the Geelong region.

  • Mangroves – Multi media package describing mangrove ecology, suitable for students from Yr 9 Contact Dr Nick Holmes, Southern Cross University. PO Box 157 Lismore N.S.W. 2480

Email nholmes@scu.edu.au

  • Sewage – What a Great Waste – CD and teacher booklet for secondary schools. Looks at sewage treatment and re-use.

Barwon Water 2000

Video Resources

Play School Out and About (EY) 30 minute segment on a trip to the beach. ABC 1993

Feathers, Fur and Fins (EY) Don Spencer ABC

Department of Education Victoria Science and Technology Education Programs (STEPS) with links to Marine Education

Level 4 Survival of a Species 1999 (MY)

Level 3 Watery World 1999 (EY)

Level 2 Secrets of the Sea 2000 (EY)

Contact: Kerry Ekin-Smyth (03) 96372401 Linking in with the Level 3 Watery World Program is an Early Numeracy Program titled

Maths beyond the school gate: Marine measurement. Email hammond.pam.p@edumail.vic.gov.au for program notes or phone Jason Groeneweegen on (03) 96373384 if you wish to purchase the video.

Bycatch videos produced by Fisheries Victoria. (MY-LY) Available for loan to schools Segment titles include:

Shark Tagging, Abalone Management, Danish Seining, Port Phillip Bay Environmental Study, Ageing Fish, Queensland Bream Trawling, Lakes Entrance Co-operative.

Contact Madeline Glynn for a full list of segment titles. (03) 5226 4947

Life on Earth (MY- LY) David Attenborough, ABC

Oceans Alive (MY-LY) Educational Media Australia Pty Ltd

Wolves of the Sea (MY- LY) David Attenborough, ABC

Video Education Australia Ph: 1800 034 282

  • Biology Fieldwork 2 Investigating Marine Ecosystems - 1995 (LY)
  • The Evolution & Diversity of Invertebrates – 1996 (LY)
  • Australian Ecosystems Series 2 – The Reef ecosystem (LY)

Southern Biological Services Ph: (03) 9877 4597

  • Dogfish dissection


Ken Davis Ocean Harmonies Dino Music Australia

Simon Lewis Southern Water P.O. Box, 533, Ocean Grove, Vic 3226

From an Octopus's Garden Songs, sound effects and jokes

Marine Discovery Centre Queenscliff (03) 52583344


Howard Warren Ph/Fax: (03) 95699303

Karen Gowlett-Holmes Ph: 018 085260; Fax: (08) 384 8485

Mary Malloy Ph/Fax: (03) 9314 9453

What's in the guide?

Marine Biology Specimens and Equipment (LY)

Available from Southern Biological Services Ph: (03) 9877 4597
Preserved materials - accompanied with alcohol preservative
Dogfish, stingray, electric ray, fish, sea squirt, lamprey, seahorse, marine plankton (vial), marine sponge, jelly fish, anemone, flatworm, crab, brine shrimp, crayfish, chiton, bivalve, octopus, squid, sea cucumber, brittle star, sea urchin, seastar

Resin mounts- display specimens embedded in hard, clear resin to enable them to be freely handled and studied under a stereomicroscope.
Includes: sponges, coelenterates, crustaceans, molluscs, echinoderms, sea horse

Field sampling equipment
Quadrats, sieves, nets, data logging equipment, etc.

Dissection Guides
Seastar, crayfish, clam, squid, shark, perch.

Other items of interest
Mounted fish skeleton, fossil collections, prepared microscope slides

Surf Safety Awareness Resources

Available from Surf Life Saving Victoria Ph: (03) 95348201

Surf Life Saving Victoria has publications, videos and interactive computer disc programs which compliment swimming and water safety education. These include:

  • Surf Education – Instructors Guide – Teacher's Reference
  • Surf Awareness and Surf Safety Booklets – Level 3&4
  • Surf Education Computer Disks 1 & 2

(featuring scenes: "Rocks and creatures", "Rips and Tides", "Surf and Sand".)

  • Surf Survival Manual
  • Lifesaver for a day program

Internet sites

ABC Online http://www.abc.net.au/oceans/alive.htm

Australian Fisheries Quick Reference Guide http://www.fishnet.com.au/information/fisheries_summary.html

Australian Marine Conservation Society http://www.ozemail.com.au/~amcs/

Australia Oceanographic Data Centre http://wwwaodc.gov.au/

Cool Seas of Planet Ocean http://www.mesa.edu.au/friends/cooloceans

Coast Action Coastcare http://www.nre.vic.gov.au/coasts/coastkit

Dragon Search http://www.dragonsearch.asn.au/

Environment Australia http://environment.gov.au

Great Barrier Reef Aquarium http://aquarium.gbrmpa.gov.au/

Marine and Freshwater Resources Institute http://www.nre.vic.gov.au

Marine Discovery Centre – Queenscliff, Victoria http://www.nre.vic.gov.au/mafri/discovery

Marine Education Society of Australasia (MESA) http://www.mesa.edu.au

Marine and Coastal Community Network http://www.ozemail.com.au/~mccnet

MESA Coasts and Marine Schools Project http://www.mesa.edu.au/cams/

Monsters of the Deep http://www.abc.net.au/science/ocean/monsters/default.htm

National Tidal Facility http://www.bom.gov.au/oceanography/

Native Fish Australia http://www.nativefish.asn.au

The Bridge – Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Centre http://www.vims.edu/bridge

U.S.A. site that offers a huge list of marine education link sites.

Ocean Planet http://www.anmm.gov.au

National Marine Organisations and Programs

Government Programs – National. Details of the following may be obtained from the Community Information Unit of Environment Australia 1 800 803 772

  • Coastcare
  • Coasts and Clean Seas
  • Fisheries Action Program
  • Introduced Marine Pests Program
  • Landcare – National
  • Waterwatch

Search site

The following codes will help you to select appropriate materials.
  (EY) Early Years Prep –Year 4
(MY) Middle Years Year 5 – Year 8
(LY) Later Years Year 9 - 12
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