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CSIRO is Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. The CSIRO is one of the world's largest and most diverse scientific research institutions. Their work touches just about every aspect of Australian life: everything from the molecules of life to the molecules in space - finding ways to improve our quality of life and economic performance.Their 6500 staff perform research and development over a broad range of areas of economic and social value.

CSIRO PUBLISHING is Australia's foremost science and technology publisher of research journals, books, magazines and CD-ROMs and an award-winning multimedia producer. It is an autonomous business unit within Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, CSIRO.

CSIRO PUBLISHING produces about 45 - 50 new scientific and technical books and CD-ROMs each year and maintains a backlist of over 1,200 titles. Natural history, agriculture and the environment constitute the core of their internationally acclaimed publishing program but they are developing new projects in a wide range of scientific disciplines. All titles currently in print are listed in their online catalogue.

Visit the CSIRO website or the CSIRO Publishing website or browse through the following pages to view the Marine Science Publications available from CSIRO PUBLISHING.

Marine Science Publications                

Guide to Protozoa of Marine Aquaculture Ponds
DJ Patterson, MA Burford

Guide to Protozoa of Marine Aquaculture Ponds is designed to provide a simple means of identifying the main groups of protozoa found in aquaculture ponds through the use of photographs and drawings. This is supplemented with information on the likely effects of protozoa on water quality and the health of the cultured species. This guide is an indispensable tool for those involved in rearing marine animals, as well as aquaculture researchers and teachers.

2001 • CSIRO PUBLISHING • 0643066691 • 56 pp
colour illustrations • spiral-bound $29.95


Guide to Squid, Cuttlefish and Octopuses of Australasia M Norman, A Reid

The Australasian region is home to the greatest diversity of cephalopods - squid, cuttlefish and octopuses - in the world. Yet, we know very little about these fascinating marine animals. This book provides insights into the biology and behaviour of more than 60 species. From the Giant Squid to the deadly Blue-ringed Octopus, the secret lives of cephalopods are revealed in a highly readable form with outstanding colour images and informative text.

For each species there is a distribution map and identification notes, which summarise the main features to look for. While the book focuses on species found in relatively shallow coastal waters, a few of the more bizarre deeper-water species are included. Naturalists, divers, reef-walkers and anglers will find the book authoritative, yet very easy to use. A comprehensive section illustrating cuttlebones will enable beachcombers to identify most of the species they are likely to encounter.

2000 • CSIRO PUBLISHING • 0643065776 •96 pp
colour illustrations • paperback $29.95


Seaweeds - Life Series
DN Thomas

From the microscopic to 60-metre long Pacific kelp, and from the simple filamentous strings of cells to those species made up from complex tissues, seaweeds are diverse.They are found all over the world from the inter-tidal beaches to the deep ocean, from the poles to the equator.

This beautifully illustrated book brings the life of seaweeds to the amateur, exploring what they are, where they are found, and how they manage to survive such hostile conditions as fluctuating temperatures, salinity and desiccation.

October 2002 • The Natural History Museum, London
0565091751 • 112 pp o colour illustrations • paperback $34.95


Wetland Plants of Queensland - A Field Guide
KM Stephens, RM Dowling

This practical field guide describes and illustrates in colour 90 common and widespread wetland plants
found in Queensland, and gives a distribution map for each species.To assist the those readers who are keen to learn more, the book includes a series of keys to help identify those species that are not illustrated in the book but which may be encountered in the field. The keys also help to identify closely related species. There is also a glossary of technical terms.

Wetland Plants of Queensland is an invaluable resource for all those involved in the reclamation of wetlands or the treatment of wastewater, including farmers, environmentalists and all those with an interest in wetland revegetation.

January 2002 • CSIRO PUBLISHING • 0643066748
160 pp • colour illustrations • paperback $39.95


Whales and Dolphins in Question
J Mead, J Gold

Whales and Dolphins in Question begins by defining the differences between and similarities among whales, dolphins and related mammals. It goes on to discuss their behaviour, evolution, geographic distribution, population sizes, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, behaviour, and how humans relate to whales.

The book is lavishly illustrated with about 100 colour photographs of whales and dolphins in the wild, all by famed whale photographer Flip Nicklin.

February 2002 • Smithsonian Institution Press
1560989807 • illustrated • paperback $49.95


Deep Ocean
Life Series - T Rice

The deep reaches of the ocean, once thought to be populated by just a few species, are now known to harbour an extraordinary array of life.

This lively, informative book tells how oceanography has developed as a science, and summarises what is now known about deep ocean environments and the organisms that populate them. Highlighting the potentially vast species diversity, Deep Ocean provides a compelling view of this vast, mysterious environment.

2000 • The Natural History Museum, London
0565091506 • 96 pp • colour illustrations • paperback


Sharks - Life Series
M Bright

This accessible exploration of the latest findings from research groups worldwide reveals sharks to be much more than mindless killing machines. It shows how sharks are the product of over 450 million years of evolution, honed to perfection as some of the sea's most sophisticated predators. Spectacular photographs
help turn a creature that scared us into one that inspires.

January 2002 • The Natural History Museum, London
056509159X • 112 pp • colour illustrations • paperback $34.95


Coral Fish
Life Series - L Pitkin

With over 100 award-winning photographs, this book explores the varied lifestyles of coral fish – the means by which they find food and shelter on the reef, and their complex interactions. Coral Fish describes the partnerships of anemonefish and sea anemones, grazing activities of parrotfish and surgeonfish, and the lifestyles of many other fish that live on coral reefs, huge predatory groupers and even sharks among them.

July 2002 • CSIRO PUBLISHING/Australian Biological Resources Study 2001 • The Natural History Museum, London
0565091522 • 112 pp • colour illustrations • paperback $34.95

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