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Zoological Catalogue of Australia
Volume 19.3A. Crustacea: Malacostraca: Phyllocarida, Hoplocarida, Eucarida (Part 1)   PJF Davie

The Malacostraca, a very large subclass of Crustacea, is being dealt with in four volumes in the Zoological Catalogue of Australia series. This volume covers the commercially important shrimps, prawns, lobsters and yabbies, listing over 1200 species known from Australian waters (including Australian Territorial waters).


  • Gives details for each species on synonymy, location and status of type material, a brief summary of geographical distribution and ecological attributes, and key references
  • Includes comprehensive bibliographic information, and clarifies a number of problematic dates of publication of names

Volume 19.3A is an important text for fisheries workers and managers, environmental consultants and researchers specialising in crustacea.

May 2002 o CSIRO PUBLISHING/Australian Biological Resources Study   0643067914 o 564 pp o illustrated o hardback $140.00


Volume 19.3B Crustacea: Malacostraca: Eucarida
(Part 2): Decapoda — Anomura, Brachyura
PJF Davie

Volume 19.3B covers more than 1200 species of Australian crabs
(Brachyura) and related groups such as hermit crabs, porcelain crabs, squat lobsters, mole crabs, and their ilk (Anomura). It is the first such attempt to list the Australian fauna since 1882.


• Outlines distribution of species both inside and outside of Australian waters, and hence is widely applicable to nations bordering the Indian and Pacific oceans
• Some 55 families, almost 450 genera and over 1200 valid species

All taxonomic groups down to families and subfamilies are fully diagnosed, and the latest literature discussing their status is reviewed and summarised, including genetic and larval studies where available.

July 2002 • CSIRO PUBLISHING/Australian Biological Resources Study 0643067922 • 656 pp • illustrated • hardback $150.00


Volume 17.2. Mollusca:Aplacophora, Polyplacophora, Scaphopoda, Cephalopoda
KL Lamprell, AM Scheltema, JM Healy, K Gowlett-Holmes,

Volume 17.2 of the Zoological Catalogue of Australia series deals with four marine mollusc groups – the Aplacophora, Polyplacophora, Scaphopoda, and Cephalopoda. Each species is cited by name and original references are given to all species known from Australian waters. Information includes synonymy, literature citation, location and status of type material and type locality for each available name, a brief summary of geographical distribution
and ecological attributes, and important references on various aspects, especially biology.

This catalogue gives fine details of taxonomy and genus and species nomenclature, as well as comprehensive bibliographies for these four marine groups, complementing the family level information provided in Fauna of Australia Volume 5 Mollusca:The Southern Synthesis.

2001 • CSIRO PUBLISHING/Australian Biological Resources Study 0643067078 • 368 pp • hardback $120.00


Corals of the World
JEN Veron, M Stafford-Smith

Corals of the World is the principal outcome of a major research program undertaken by the Australian Institute of Marine Science. It is a fully comprehensive, easy to use reference work for coral biologists and non-specialists alike. This magnificent book is packed with information for coral enthusiasts, marine biologists and nature lovers. It emphasises the natural beauty of corals as never before, highlighting their conservation value around the world. This three-volume set contains stunning colour images throughout and an index in each volume.

2000 o AIMS o 0642322384 o 450 pp, 3 Volumes
colour illustrations o hardback $265.00


Staghorn Corals of the World
A Revision of the Genus Acropora - C Wallace

"This is an outstanding and vital piece of work, the culmination of the author's lifetime research on this difficult but fundamentally important genus."
- Brian Rosen,The Natural History Museum, London

This invaluable reference tool is the first major review of Acropora in over 100 years. It assesses all the known species worldwide, describing each in detail and illustrating the range of variability of form with habitat and geographic location. The classification, evolution and worldwide distribution of all species are reviewed and illustrated with colour plates, full-page black and white plates and distribution maps. Details of the general biology of staghorn corals are discussed and illustrated.

1999 o CSIRO PUBLISHING o 0643063919
438 pp o colour illustrations o hardback $140.00



Mollusca: The Southern Synthesis
Fauna of Australia,Volume 5
Australian Biological Resources Study

Mollusca:The Southern Synthesis is the most comprehensive and authoritative treatment yet of Australia's marine, freshwater and terrestrial molluscs. It is a significant international reference, with contributions from 70 authors, and in which some 7700 papers in the primary literature are cited.

Most molluscan families described in the book are also found in the Northern Hemisphere, making this title an essential reference for malacologists worldwide.

Mollusca: The Southern Synthesis provides a series of overviews at one or more levels for the phylum and six classes, introducing accounts for the 423 molluscan families presently recognised in the region.

2001 • CSIRO PUBLISHING/Australian Biological Resources Study 0643067078 • 368 pp • hardback $120.00

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