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Lagoon: A Marine Eco-System Simulation
Ralf Cord-Ruwisch & Eric I. Paling

Lagoon allows you to investigate the principles of the biological dynamic equilibria that govern marine ecosystems. This interactive teaching tool has been specifically developed to help students understand concepts such as predator-prey relationships, eutrophication, food chains and competition for limiting nutrients.

You can manipulate a number of parameters to examine the consequences of various ecological scenarios. Begin by running simple simulations with just one algal culture in order to observe clear growth patterns. Once you have an understanding of the simple patterns, you can confidently investigate more complex scenarios involving whole food chains and variables including wind speed, nutrient inflow rates and pollution incidents.

The computer simulation, which represents any coastal embayment or estuary, provides a learning experience that demonstrates the importance of complexity in ecosystems. Extensively trialled with students, Lagoon is an easy-to-use, efficient teaching aid that enhances laboratory work at minimal cost. A PDF manual on the CD-ROM explores how this tool can be used.

System requirements
Lagoon requires the following hardware specifications as a minimum:

Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP
Pentium 100 MHz
16 Mb RAM
6 MB of free hard-disk space
SVGA monitor (800 x 600 recommended)
CD-ROM drive (4x or faster)
October 2002 colour illust
CD-ROM AU $49.95

Staghorn Corals of the World CD-ROM
A Key to Species of Acropora - C Wallace

Coral reef workers know the importance of staghorn corals (genus Acropora) on reefs throughout the world, and will recognise the need to accurately identify the different species. They will therefore appreciate the value of this interactive key for identifying staghorn corals, which has resulted from the first major review of the Acropora in over 100 years.

A simple step-by-step selection of characteristics will enable the user to identify any of the 113 species of Acropora. The CD-ROM is complemented by the book, Staghorn Corals of the World: A Revision of the Genus Acropora, which synthesises all we know about this genus.

1999 o CSIRO PUBLISHING o 0643063900 o CD-ROM $130.00
Staghorn Corals of the World SET Hardback & CD-ROM o 0643063943 $220.00


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