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Marine Flatworms
The World of Polyclads

Leslie Newman & Lester Cannon

Marine Flatworms provides a fascinating introduction to the intriguing world of polyclad flatworms, a group of large, free-living marine Platyhelminthes, which are found throughout the world but are most colourful in tropical waters. Although not related to molluscs, they are often mistaken for sea slugs because of their brilliant colour patterns.

Written in an accessible style by two leading experts in the field, this book explores flatworms™ unusual structure, feeding habits, their curious reproductive behaviour (including ˜penis fencing™), their mimicry and toxicology. Marine Flatworms is the first comprehensive guide to polyclad families and genera. It contains more than 300 colour photographs from every part of the world.

Over 300 stunning full colour photographs
Brings together polyclads worldwide
Newly developed key to polyclad families
April 2003
112 pp paperback colour illustrations $39.95

An Interactive Identification Guide

RS Wilson, PA Hutchings & CJ Glasby

Polychaetes: An Interactive Identification Guide brings together new and existing information making polychaete identification simpler and more accurate. 83 families and about 1150 living genera of polychaetes are recognised worldwide, and all can be identified using this practical, easy-to-use CD-ROM. In addition, most of the known Australian polychaete fauna “ more than 1200 species “ can also be identified. All interactive keys have been developed in DELTA software using the interactive identification program Intkey.

A browser interface provides quick access to this rich information package. A detailed Overview section includes general notes on polychaetes, study methods. Also provided for each family of polychaetes are diagnoses, diversity and natural history data, identification tips and principal references, making this a valuable resource on polychaete diversity anywhere in the world. In addition, checklists and interactive keys comprise the best available identification guide to all known Australian polychaete species.

All currently recognised living polychaete families are listed, illustrated and diagnosed
All currently recognised living polychaete genera are diagnosed, and many are illustrated
Rapid identification of genera and Australian species as required, by both specialist and non-specialist users
Fully illustrated characters enabling the user to quickly gain knowledge of the group required for identification
An illustrated glossary of all characters.

September 2003
CD-ROM & Manual $145.00

Please note that Polychaetes is a windows only program.


Marine Mammals
Fisheries, Tourism and Management Issues

Nicholas Gales, Mark Hindell & Roger Kirkwood

Marine Mammals: Fisheries, Tourism and Management Issues brings together contributions from 68 leading scientists from 12 countries to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date review on the way we manage our interactions with whales, dolphins, seals and dugongs. The book examines how we have fared conserving the world™s marine mammal populations, with a focus on the key issues of fisheries and tourism.

From a unique southern hemisphere perspective, the authors consider how science informs the culling debate, how wild fisheries and aquaculture interact with marine mammal populations and how we might manage the effects of whale, dolphin and seal watching industries. The authors also address other issues such as the way in which ethics, genetics, acoustics, ecosystem models and pollution influence the management and conservation of marine mammals.

Marine Mammals is an invaluable and accessible resource for all those involved with marine mammals, including scientists, managers, policy makers, industry representatives and students.

A comprehensive review of the management challenges of human and marine mammal interaction
The first major review of scientific issues that effect marine mammal tourism
A unique southern hemisphere perspective that contributes to the broader global view of marine mammal management

October 2003
480 pp illustrated hardback


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