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Canberra Girls Grammar School

Year 8 Geography classes will be completing a unit on Coasts - Endangered Places. They will be coming to the end of a problem solving exercise on planning a coastal resort. We have also created a display of rubbish and other sea debris.

Coastal Development

This assignment is to be completed by week 10 (see your teacher for exact date and is worth 20%). Imagine you are a property developer who wishes to create an environment-friendly coastal resort in Tropical Queensland. You plan to buy a site (piece of land) near the beach on which you will build a resort with accommodation and recreation facilities.

You also wish to use the nearby coral reef as one of the attractions of the resort. One of your main aims is to protect the natural environment as much as is possible within the limits of the building you plan to do, this includes the dunes, the beach and the reef.

1. On the map given on the next page show the site of the resort by using the outline included on the page. Use labels on the map to explain why you chose that site as being the best environmentally. (5)

2. Give the resort a name which reflects its environment-friendly accommodation. (1)

3. Write and draw a brochure or Home Page which outlines

  • The natural beauty of the site and nearby beach.
  • The activities available in the resort including some to teach people about the environment in the area.
  • The accommodation available. (6)

4. You receive a letter from a local environmental group expressing concern about the damage the visitors may do to the reef. Reply to the letter explaining what you have done during building to protect the reef and the rules you have put into place to avoid damage when people go out to the reef. (8)

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