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  Seaweek 2000    


Woodbridge District High School

Students will be visiting the Marine Discovery Centre to look at animals and plants. Teachers in K-8 will be examining marine pests, looking at various marine creatures in Entrerasteaux Channel.

Also the "Customs people" will be bringing a display of endangered smuggled marine creatures, etc.

Goulburn St Primary, Hobart
E-mail: cwalsh@tasmail.com

Grade 5/6 students

We have designed a banner highlighting the biodiversity of a river, including catchment and estuary , and highlighting vertebrate and invertebrate animals inhabiting such a biosystem. We are developing research displays in Science and Art on topics including food chains, procreative behaviors, identifying pollutants and human connections with the sea e.g. food larder, aesthetic awareness, historical significance, responsibility.

Brighton Primary School

We have developed maps and posters and are undertaking an excursion to the beach on the 14th April. This will allow the children to observe the effects of human impact on the journey of the raindrop to the sea.

Particular attention will be paid to the impact of weeds dumped on the dunes by domestic households. Investigation of rockpools and native flora and fauna, pH and how sand has been made and other activities will be undertaken on the day.

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