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  Seaweek 2000    
Theme: 'Biodiversity - Protecting our Harbour of Life'
Seaweek in the  Territory
Seaweek in the  Territory

The theme for Seaweek 2000 was 'Biodiversity - Protecting our Harbour of Life' (built around a link with the Sydney 2000 Olympics theme of 'A Harbour of Life'.


The choice of 'Biodiversity - Protecting our Harbour of Life' is a follow-on from Seaweek'99 and is an excellent theme to bring to the attention of schools and community education groups. Biodiversity can be approached in many ways and activities would focus on the meaning of biodiversity and its significance.

This year Seaweek groups around Australia were encouraged to become involved in developing strategies for exploring biodiversity at a local regional and national level and working towards improving overall awareness of its importance.

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