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Seaweek 2004 Events Listing

Events For QLD

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Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Forest Glen

372 Mons Road
Forest Glen
QLD 4556

Phone : 0402345207

Tony Isaacson

Seaweek in the Rainforest (March 10-17)

Seaweek begins a new tradition at Sunshine Coast Grammar School following the appointment of Tony Isaacson, formerly a Marine Studies teacher at Hallett Cove School in South Australia. No song, dance or parades this year but we will have displays of posters and objects of interest in the Junior and Senior Libraries. A whole school assembly for 1000 students and 100 staff will present highlights about Seaweeks present and past. Dr Hing Ang of Underwater World will talk about some of his ambitions for our school community and our Adopt a Shark program. We will show behind the scenes for the making of Finding Nemo at lunchtimes and explain the process of setting up the 500 litre marine reef tank at school. All students will have an opportunity to send off electronic post cards sourced from the MESA Website. The year 10's will have a new SOSE elective this year - 10 weeks of Marine and Coastal Management. It will draw on resources sourced from MESA's Website. It's a start and laying a foundation for the years to follow.

Star of the Sea School

9 Allambee Close
QLD 4680

Jennett Mullane

Sea Search (March 8 - 12)

Interactive display in School Library, encouraging children to become more familiar with our beautiful Reef Resource. A Conservation Poster Competition will be launched at the same time.

Capricornia Coast - Yeppoon to Gladstone

89 Auckland Street
QLD 4680

Phone : 49720606 ah

Lauren Kirk

Aussie kids turning the tide (on going)

A web log to support my project to travel to USA as the first Australian child to help lead the world at The International Children''s Conference on the Environment 2004.


Reef HQ,

Flinders Street East

Angela Colliver

Find Nemo and the Tank Gang at Reef HQ Townsville (March 7 - 14)

During Seaweek, Reef HQ will celebrate Seaweek with the ''Nemo Discovery Trail''. From 7 March, young and old alike will have the opportunity to come face to face with a real clownfish and all of the other amazing species that represent the characters from the comical ''Tank Gang'' in the film, such as Bloat, Bubbles, Deb, Gurgle, Jacques and Peach!

More information at http://www.mesa.edu.au/seaweek2004/events05.asp



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