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  Seaweek 2004    


The theme for Seaweek 2004 is 'Discover me in the sea'. Are you adventurous? Do you like having fun using the Internet? Of course the answer is Yes! Hop on board and take part in Seaweek 2004 to discover the creatures, plants and pollutants in the sea.

This website and the new Reef ED website at will offer a wide range of resources to help teachers and students get involved in Seaweek 2004.

During Seaweek MESA is offering schools nationally the opportunity to participate in exciting and innovative interactive marine environmental education programs online!

Schools and students are invited to:

  • Discover a range of Ocean Celebrities
  • Investigate harmful marine debris that injures and kills marine vertebrates through entanglement and ingestion
  • Focus on using information about animals, plants and pollutants in the sea
  • Use a range of information sources including Web documents, experts available via email, or real time conferencing, searchable databases on the Net, and books physically available at the learner's setting
  • Win prizes for their efforts!

What's the sea got to do with me?
Use Seaweek to study marine
and coastal environments.

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Lord Howe and Rottnest Islands, the NSW Sapphire Coast - Bermagui to Eden and the Barwon Heads Festival of the Sea are regular participants in Seaweek, Find out what they are doing, when and how you can be involved. During Seaweek, Reef HQ will celebrate Seaweek with the 'Nemo Discovery Trail'. Come face to face with a real clownfish and all of the other amazing species that represent the characters from the comical 'Tank Gang'.

Teachers who register their Seaweek event are eligible for a prize. Six winners will be drawn randomly.

Register your Seaweek Event

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We have a range of discoveries relating to ocean animals and plants. See the menu to the right.

A Web Quest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet.

Teachers - send your students on a Web Quest. Great learning and a chance to win some prizes. "Discover me in the Sea" Web Quest for Primary schools and "Pollution Solutions" for Secondary schools.

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Seaweek 2004 Home
1 Get started for
Seaweek 2004
2 Harmful Marine Debris
3 The EAC (East Australian Current)
4 Fish Fact File
5 Dugongs
6 Ghost Fishing -
Reducing the impact of fishing on non target species
7 First View - Giant Crab at home on the Slope
8 I live in the sea: Turtles the ancient mariners of the sea
9 I live in the sea: Sharks & Rays - they're more scared of us!
10 Sea stars
11 Marine algae
12 Sea jellies
13 Crustaceans
14 Echinoderms
15 Marine reptiles
16 Fisheries and Aquaculture
17 Whales & Dolphins
18 Protection of precious wetlands - success in New Zealand
19 Seaweek Discoveries in Vic Marine National Parks
Seaweek Partnerships

Visit the Members Area

MESA is very fortunate and most appreciative to have a number of partnerships for Seaweek 2004.

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is the major 'naming rights partner. They are supporting us not only with funds but their website, contacts and expertise.

AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) is an associate website partnership.

Parks Victoria is an associate website partnership.

The GBRMPA (Great Barrier Reef Marine Part Authority) is an associate education partner, providing a huge amount of education materials eg postcards, discoveries and webquests.

NSW MPA (Marine Parks Authority) is an associate education partner providing MPA discoveries.

AUSMEPA (Australian Marine Environment Protection Association) is providing advertisements in the major Teacher Newspapers.

Thanks also to Gould, AMSA, National Oceans Office and Wet Paper for providing resources for prizes.

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