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Maria Island


Phone : (03) 6267 4649

Jacqueline Foster

Maria Island Workshop for Marine Teachers (March 11-14)

The Marine Teachers Association of Tasmania is holding its annual Workshop on beautiful Maria Island from 11-14 March.

The workshop will include a slide show, jetty walks, snorkelling and workshops on weather interpretation, use of marine and coastal areas for class activities, risk analysis for outdoor excursions, rock pool, shorebird and transect activities, marine pollution and human impact and dolphin and whale rescue.

Accomodation is bunk style and regsitration includes all food and accomodation. Snorkel dives can be counted towards snorkel instructor accreditation.

This will be a great opportunity for teachers with an interest in the marine environment to share information and resources and just relax in a stunning marine and coastal setting!

Mures Upper Deck


Phone : (03) 6267 4649

Jacqui Foster

Launch of 'The Story of Seafood' (March 9, 10am)

'The Story of Seafood' is a recent publication covering all aspects of the fishing industry in Australia in a comprehensive manner for school students.
TFIC (Tasmanian Fishing Industry Council) has purchased 200 copies of the book, primarily through donations from industry members, and will be passing them over to the Department of Education in a Launch to be held in Seaweek.
The books will be distributed in the Marine Links kits which circulate through Tasmanian schools, through the Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre and through science teachers statewide.
The launch will celebrate the links between the fishing industry and schools in Tasmania, highlighting the support of the fishing industry members for marine education in the State.



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