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  Seaweek 2005 - Save Our Sharks    

Activity Book Contents

An online publication provided by MESA for teachers, students and the community

The intent of this online booklet is to offer ideas and inspiration with, we hope, enough information help you to push off from the shore on your shark adventure. The material was drawn together from the imagination and practical expertise of marine educators across Australia.

We ask that you refer to the table of contents for guidance on the age level of delivery for activities and to the excellent fact sheets, website references and bibliography developed for Seaweek.

The activities in this booklet are not tied to particular curricula as this differs from state to state, country to country.  Enjoy.

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Activities Booklet

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1. Sharks in time (P Arnold, J Plecas, M Rodrigue)
1.1 Geological Time (Primary/Secondary)
1.2 Shark Researchers (Primary/Secondary)

2. Tuning in on sharks (Aust. Geographic, K Trees)
2.1 Monsters or misunderstood survey (Primary)
2.2 Save Our Sharks Poster Crossword (Primary/Secondary)
2.3 Shark Species Unscramble (Secondary)

3. Cultural shark (J Swartz)
3.1 Creation Story
3.2 Bark Painting (Primary)
3.3 Shark Symphony (Primary)
3.4 Shark Astronomy (Secondary )
3.5 Dance mask (Secondary)

4. Stormwater – an issue for sharks (B Winters, J Plecas)
4.1 Mutant pollutants (Primary and Secondary)
4.2 Keep it clean (Primary)
4.3 It’s a matter of concentration (Secondary)

5. Researching sharks (J Plecas)
5.1 Find out more about a particular shark (Primary)
5.2 Investigate what issues surround sharks (Secondary)
5.3 Understanding the different species (Primary)

6. Biology of sharks (T Isaacson, H Ang, T Hoile, J Plecas, B Moffatt)
6.1 Shark eggs (Primary)
6.2 Ocean torpedos (Secondary)
6.3 Shark Key (Secondary)

7. Shark art (T Hoile, P Arnold, J Plecas, K McElroy)
7.1 Sidewalk sharks (Primary)
7.2 Posters (Primary)
7.3 Designing a shark (Secondary)
7.4 Octopus chart (Secondary)

8. Great debate (T Hoile, J Plecas)
8.1 Debate (Primary)
8.2 Debate (Secondary)
8.3 Role Play (Extension Secondary)

9. Why sharks are important (T Hoile, J Plecas)
9.1 Shark products (Primary/Secondary)
9.2 True or false (Primary)
9.3 Test your knowledge (Secondary)

Appendix 1. Frequently Asked Questions (MLSSA)
Appendix 2. Funky Shark Facts (K Trees)
Appendix 3. Fact Sheet – Seaweek 2005 -Shark Conservation
From the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS))

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Save Our Sharks March 6 to 13, 2005