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  Seaweek 2006: Footprints for our Future    
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Marine Debris: Clean it up!


Major Sponsor

Our Principal Naming Rights Sponsor for Seaweek 2006 is BAG SMART. Bag Smart is a social marketing campaign to reduce plastic shopping bags in the community.

More about BAG SMART


Your task is to work out the types and numbers of debris collected. Move your mouse carefully over the picture (no need to click on anything) and the type of material (e.g. Plastic, glass, aluminium) and a description of the item will show up. Some of the items are quite small so move slowly and carefully. Record your results and answer the questions.

Item description Main material/s Possible uses Possible source Number found
e.g. Large glass bottle Glass Drink container Many sources possible
e.g. Blue plastic bowl Plastic (polythene)   Commercial fishing boat

Materials include: plastics (e.g. polythene, PET, foam); steel; glass; rope; aluminium.

Possible sources include: Commercial fishing; recreational fishing / tourism; shipping.


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