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  Seaweek 2007: Marine Bycatch Matters - MESA    
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eCard Competition

Create an digital postcard (eCard) reflecting the theme “ Marine Bycatch Matters” and you could win a book plus certificate if your card is the most viewed. There is a prize for entries from students in Years 3 to 6 and another for a student from Years 7 to 9. Your teacher could also win a class set of educational books.
Click here to enter the eCard competition.

A photo gallery is available to assist you with your eCard design but there are rules that must be followed as to the use of the photos.

Theme: "Marine Bycatch Matters"

Instructions for Participants

  • Create an email eCard reflecting the theme "Marine Bycatch Matters" and be one of the two finalists from your school that goes into the national competition.
  • Entries can be created digitally or on paper and scanned. Entries need to be submitted as jpg images less than 200 kB in size with dimensions 600 pixels wide and 400 pixels high (21 x 14 cm)
  • If your card is selected by your teacher as one of the two finalists from your school it will be on display in the eCard Gallery after uploading and approval by the MESA administrator.
  • School finalists encourage/ aim to have as many people select their card and “send” it to others.
  • The eCard Gallery counter will record how many times each card has been viewed. The eCard with the most views is the winner.
  • Your eCard should present a clear, simple and powerful message so don’t make it too busy. Include up to 20 words as part of your message about the issues you understand about marine bycatch and why it is important for many species of the marine environment.


  • It’s really easy. Ask your students to create an eCard around the theme “Marine Bycatch Matters”. The maximum size for an eCard image should be no more than 200kB.
  • Students can create their own powerful message, but must ONLY use the choice of images provided in the image gallery for this competition and information provided from the theme summary about this global problem
  • Entries need to be submitted as jpg images less than 200 kB in size with dimensions 600 pixels wide and 400 pixels high (21 x 14 cm)
  • Go to to upload your eCards along with some information about the entry.


  • Entries are open to every school in Australia. There are two categories for entries: Category 1: Years 3-6 and Category 2: Years 7-9
  • A maximum of two entries selected by a school can be posted to the MESA eCard Gallery website at
  • School finalists need to encourage others to go online and send invitations to view a personalised eCard if they want to record the highest number of eCard views and be a winner.
  • Only the first 100 schools to enter will be accepted.
  • Entries can be submitted to the website from January 15, 2007 to April 30, 2007.
  • Viewing of eCards will end at 9.00 pm on April 30, 2007. The winners will be the eCard from each category with the most views at this time. A card view is defined as when an email invitation to view a personalised card is accepted and the personalised card is viewed online as a result of the invitation.


A prize, for the most viewed eCard, for each group will be given to both the winner and the teacher involved in the competition.

For each category:

1st Prize Winning Student

  • A book voucher from RIC Publishers Pty Ltd to the value of $150 (prize to be selected from the QED catalogue).
  • A family adventure outing on a Whale watching boat in what ever state you are in. What a great bonusfrom IFAW to your next family holiday!

1st Prize Winning School


The first 12 entries to submit a card online prize.. You will receive one of the following random prizes:

  • 1x Mask and Snorkel Set compliments of Cape Byron Imports, Byron Bay
  • 1 x Family Pass to Sydney Aquaria compliments of Sydney Aquarium
  • 1 x Family pass to Ocean World Manly compliments of Ocean World Manly
  • Class set of educational books from RIC Publishers Pty Ltd to the value of $250 (redeemable for any items in the new 2007 RIC Catalogue) as the school prize to acknowledge the contributions of teachers and other students.
  • 1 hour Reef Videoconference to the winning class/school in your competition. This will allow the students to get up close to the reef without leaving their classroom. The Education team will film live from the depths of the Reef HQ Coral Reef and Predator Tanks, providing commentary along the way to enable the students to learn more about the Great Barrier Reef. Value $300 AUD*

The top ten most viewed eCards from each category will be acknowledged on the website.

Note: The Competition Organisers reserve the right to exclude any entries submitted which they consider unsuitable.

Conditions for 1 hour Reef Videoconference Prize
Prize valid until 30 September 2007. School must arrange their own videoconference equipment, but Reef HQ will cover dial-in costs associated with conference. Conference must be booked at least one week in advance and is subject to availability (We will work to book a time convenient to both parties)
Click here to enter the eCard competition

Funding for this project has been provided by the Australian Government through the Natural Heritage Trust.
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