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  Seaweek 2007: Marine Bycatch Matters - MESA    
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Online Interactive presentations

Talk with the experts on bycatch solutions. Using the latest web technology, key speakers will bring a live and interactive session into your classroom on one of the Seaweek themes. The themes for the Seaweek 2007 Online Interactive presentations are described below. More information on the presenters is available here.

Teachers must register their choice and session time. Limited to 30 schools per session.

Seaweek is over for another year

Hi Peter, thankyou for the webcast. My class was was going "ooohhhh" at the pictures. It was excellent getting expert answers to their
questions. Hope to be involved in more in the future.

Cheers, from Jenny Para Hills West Primary School, S.A.

Monday 5th March
9.30am WA
10.30am QLD
11.00am SA, NT
11.30am VIC, TAS, NSW
Working with fishers to develop solutions to reduce bycatch
Kate Milner, SeaNet Extension Officer for Victoria

SeaNet is a national environmental extension service run by OceanWatch Australia.  SeaNet provides information and advice on reducing environmental impacts, and works directly with industry, managers and researchers to develop and implement improved fishing gear, technology and methods.  There are SeaNet Officers in QLD (Far North and South East), WA, NSW, VIC, TAS and SA.

Target audience: Years 7-10

Turtles and Pelicans are highly vulnerable to influence from humans and learn how our individual actions can help reduce this impact
Lance Ferris "The pelican Man"

Australian Seabird Rescue was established at Ballina, New South Wales in 1992, following the rescue of a pelican hooked in fishing tackle. Since that time, ASR volunteers have been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of seabirds and shorebirds, marine turtles, and to date, have rescued over 1000 Australian Pelicans.

Target audience: Years 5-9

Thursday 8th March
10.30am WA
11.30am QLD
12.00pm SA, NT
12.30pm VIC, TAS, NSW
The wonders of marine turtles and how fishers work to prevent their bycatch
Dr Col Limpus (Queensland Environment Protection Agency)

Col will talk about the amazing life of marine turtles, how important our Australian populations are, the sort of research he conducts, including "turtle rodeos" and the ways in which turtles and fisheries interact.  He will discuss how the introduction of Turtle Excluder Devices in tropical prawn trawl fisheries has helped turtles, the role of circle hooks in oceanic longline fisheries and what else needs to be done.

Target audience: Years ??

Funding for this project has been provided by the Australian Government through the Natural Heritage Trust.
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