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About Us

Southern Gulf Catchments is a community-based organisation tasked with strategic and sustainable natural resource management (NRM) planning and implementation in the southern Gulf of Carpentaria region.

This area covers 195,000 square kilometres and encompasses the catchments of the Flinders, Cloncurry, Leichhardt, Gregory, and Nicholson Rivers, Settlement Creek and Morning Inlet.

Click here for a larger
map of the region.

Seven directors from a cross-section of sectors represent stakeholders on the Board of Southern Gulf. With funds sourced from the Commonwealth Government's Natural Heritage Trust and State Government in-kind support Southern Gulf Catchments coordinates NRM activities throughout the region, including: Weed Control, On-ground conservation projects, Riparian fencing & Pasture monitoring.

Contact Details
Southern Gulf Catchments
Phone: 07 4743 1888 or Freecall: 1800 676 242

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